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Cure Athletic Depression.

Taylor Davidson
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It's time to unleash your mind.

I want you to consider the fact that your mind is yours. No one elses. Right?

No one else has control over your mind. Once we agree on that, we can move forward.

So based on that, we can say that 100% of your potential is in your hands. Right?

No one else can influence your mind. No coach, no teammate, no parent.

It's up to you in this life to take charge of your future.

That means loving yourself, believing in yourself, and acting in your own best interest to signal to your subconscious that you truly deserve the success you aspire for.

The first steps start with removing things/habits/people in your life that dampen your physical capabilities, mental bandwidth, and overall energy levels.

The physical and mental are intertwined. Any one giving you mental training and ignoring the physical is useless at best and a con man at worst.

Unleash your mind by unlocking the physical and allow your intuition to sprout wings.

Carry on to the video below...

    Dopamine Detox Presentation

    Perform the above for 14 days and then message the Entangled Tribe Admin when you are ready for your next mission.

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