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Taylor Davidson
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Welcome! to the Football Entangled Finance Your Football Course.

This should be used as a huge lesson in the art of getting someone to buy something you don’t own and getting a % (Percentage).

This course is to be taken with complete dedication, as affiliate marketing can make you some serious money and teach you invaluable lessons.

The Modern Footballer, Entangled Tribe, and Way of the Natural are easy products to sell as they solve immediate needs of the developing footballer.

People in Affiliate marketing are making 2-20K/Month selling all different kinds of services and products, It’s one of the most powerful skills to learn in the world.

Once you know how to sell ANYTHING, how could you ever go broke again?

This course is for Affiliate Marketing for Football Entangled Services, everything we talk about and teach applies to every single business in the world.

We're teaching you how Apple's Sales and Marketing Teams work (For Example).

How Microsoft's Sales and Marketing Teams work, Amazon, Tesla (For Example).

In here you will learn the keys that 100% of all successful businesses need to master.

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Time to begin Week 1

Welcome to Finance Your Football

Step 1: Make new a Gmail account to sign up to TikTok

Step 2: Make new TikTok account with your new Gmail address. Read all the way to the bottom before actually making the account.

TikTok is the only platform on which you can go from nobody to somebody within the space of less than two months.

Every day, a simple post goes viral and gets seen by hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. Do you understand how big of an opportunity this is?

Make sure when you make your account to interact with content for a few minutes and go to #soccer or #football to make the algorithm fill your "For You" page with football content.

Turn off any VPN when you make the account. It will think your spam.


For the username, we will focus on the desired dream state of the customer. This means using words that represent the benefits footballers want.

Create a "dream state" username.

Involving Soccer or Football is a high priority. Using two words is best, three if you have to. You can throw in words like “the, a, official, fc, etc” to try and get a username you really want.

Selecting a Niche

Speed, Strength, Physique, Confidence, Injuries, Tactics/Leadership, Skill (technical ball skills), Stamina, Motivation, By-Position

Unique Attack Angle

Create a unique approach. Connect the two words. Create a vision for something greater.

Day 1 Onboarding Workshop

Day 1 Action Items

Use the below template.
Copy and paste it into the FYF Telegram Group and fill in the blanks.
Submit at least 5 ideas for a Tiktok username and we'll tell you which ones are good.

Name: _________

Gmail: _________

Niche: _________

Potential Tiktok Usernames:

Day 1: Account Creation

Making a Trend TikTok Video Part 1

Making a Trend TikTok Video Part 2

Making an Educational TikTok Video


Welcome to the TikTok Notes for the FYF

In the last few years, TikTok is the one of the only platforms on which you can go from viral and instantly become famous within the space of less than two months.

Every day there is some post that goes viral and gets seen by hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. This is a huge opportunity that we as a community cannot miss out on.

It’s the easiest way to build a name for yourself, get notable and make a ton of money for yourself or hustle.


They need to be fast, engaging, stimulating, and attention-grabbing (pattern interruptions) . Cut out any information that isn’t necessary. Make them around 12-18 or 22- 30 seconds long. sometimes you can get away with longer videos but we’ll get into that some other time.


This is the key to growing your account. Think of your account as a vehicle, and the posts as your fuel. We use this analogy all the time in Football Entangled (mitochondria as the engine, sun as its fuel… etc.) If you rarely post, your vehicle will run out of fuel and it will get you nowhere. You need to be posting DAILY, if you cannot post daily we can’t have you posting as an affiliate, serious people WILL get serious results.

Community Guidelines

They suck… a lot. And on TikTok, if you violate them a certain amount of times your account can end up temporarily or even permanently banned. Make sure that you read the community guidelines and don't break them. Anything that is violent, sex, scam-related or extremely graphic can end up getting taken down. There are tips to get by some of these things but must be approached with caution, seeing as football entangled is about football, injury, and athletic based footage, I see very little room to break these guidelines.

The Holy Equation (THE ALGORITHM)

Your posts don’t have to be in 4K HD, some of the best and most viral videos look like they were shot 20 years ago, that’s just how this app is. It’s very simple. The more time people spend watching your TikTok the more it get engagement. Besides this, the algorithm loves when your posts get shared with other people. These two things are the most important when it comes to being promoted by the algorithm.


You should start to develop a feel for posts that are destined to go viral. This is because the more time you spend practicing til tops, researching Tik Toks that go viral and making content, it will feel like second nature.

The Hook and All it should come with:

The first 3 seconds are absolutely the most important in the whole video. This is when your audience will decide if they want to watch most of or the entire video or not.

Remember, this is a competition.

It’s all about surprising and intriguing the viewer.

“You can do this by making a loud noise at the start of your video, pulling a weird face, having a very good title, a controversial opinion, challenging the viewer etc.”

The main goal is to do something that disrupts the pattern of the viewer and make them pause on your video… and go “WTF what's this?”

The better you are at invoking curiosity and fascinations, the better your Tik Toks will perform.


The start is the most important.


Captions aren’t that important but can be excellent tools in building fascination if you’re good, much like the bios we set you guys up with.

A good caption on TikTok is the same as everything above with the small addition of making the viewer anticipate something in the video or provide them with some value at the end… more value than the value of their time watching! This could be anything from tips and tricks, to informing someone of something wrong or even myth-busting. This is important for Football Entangled content.

Viewers will watch the whole video, LONGER VIDEOS TOO  just because they’re fascinated or interested in what’s going to happen at the end.

“Why you aren’t getting any better (Exercise at the End)” - The viewers are anticipating the exercise or advice that is potentially life changing or unexpected.

“Off-roading in a Bugatti Chiron ($5 Million +)” - The viewers are anticipating the Bugatti getting wrecked” - Cobra Tate Example

“Would you survive this tackle?” - Challenging the audience, they want to see if they have what it takes to survive the tackle” Haaland bouncing off Kimmich”

“ 3 signs your football career coming to an end” - people will watch the whole video just to see if this relates to them, then you add value making the path clear to them at the end “Join the Tribe” “You haven’t even given yourself a chance” “There’s so much to unlock”

Posting Times

The best thing you can do is post consistently and often… Any of the time between 10:30 AM-12PM, 2PM-4PM, and 6PM-8PM

Your audience decides the fate of your TikTok, appeal to the AVATAR, appeal to that dream state for all footballers.

One way you can boost engagement is by following and engaging with the posts all throughout the marketing program… Make sure to follow each other, grow from each post, be confident in your post, use others for inspiration, and talk A LOT with each other.

This also gives your video a chance to get full engagement from those who care.


Record your entire video, finish the text, sound alignment and filters or features… then click “Next.”

You should be on a screen where you can add your video description. On the upper right corner of the screen, there should be a miniature version of your TikTok with “Select Cover” at the bottom of it - press it.

Now you can pick out certain frames, add titles and create your thumbnail.

Your thumbnail should be intriguing, fascinating, or stimulating - the title on your thumbnail can be the same as the captions in your video.

Profile picture

Make sure your profile picture has some relevance to football in some way, it could be your logo you choose “ NOT THE FOOTBALL ENTANGLED LOGO” (Ex… Ronaldo, Messi, Henry, Ronaldinho) or your custom logo with a football or something relevant.

Ensure it fits well and looks professional.

In Week 3 we'll be showing you how to make your own logo WITH SPEED


Use 3-5 hashtags in the post, recently hashtags on TikTok have been changed but for our purposes we’ll tag all kinds of relevant things to Football, Training, Injury, and Holistic Health.

These are some examples of hashtags you could use:

#footballer #messi #skiller #fyp #training #injured #rehab #sunlight #performance #speed #dribble #goalkeepers #striker #winger #pace #defenders #centerback #fascia #viral

But as your account is growing, you want to use hashtags with less competition. This means using #footballtraining instead of #football and so on. It's a more specific hashtag with less posts under it.

BONUSES: #fyp #fy #xcybza #foryoupage #viral

How much should you post?

3-5 Times a Day

Post daily and post a lot:

Big countries like the US = quantity over quality.

Small countries like Croatia = quality over quantity.


TikTok ranks your “niche authority” in many ways from your first 5 videos:

1. Our Niche is out AVATAR… Taylor and those who are in the tribe already.

2. First videos have a boost, you’re judged on watch time from there.

3. Don’t delete videos.

4. Try not to edit after posting.

5. Like and share to other affiliate members often

Videos are reviewed at 50k, 500k and 1mil. Which is why your video might get taken down as it grows. TikTok doesn’t want “bad” content being shown to the larger pools of viewers.



Make sure every TikTok you make is downloaded to your phone.
You can switch this on in the settings.

Day 2.1: Content Creation

What's up guys here is lesson #2, I go over a bunch of TikTok principles in general and mention a few accounts that have been doing well and what to focus on throughout the next week.

Tiktok Editing Analysis

Ask any Questions you may have in the FYF Telegram Group.

Day 2 Action Items

Post atleast 3 tiktoks per day.
Get 1k views atleast once per day.
Post your best performing tiktoks in the FYF Telegram Chat for us to see.

Day 2.2: Tiktok Extended

Color & Profile Picture

Pick vibrant colors that give energy. Avoid pale colors that suck energy away.

Profile Picture should represent the Dream State of your username value proposition.

This color should also be used in your CapCut captioning.

Advanced Profile Picture Tutorial

Probably the most consistent prompt I have for solid Headshots of "footballers" --------- portrait of fit footballer, Cinematic, Photoshoot, Shot on 25mm lens, Depth of Field, Tilt Blur, Shutter Speed 1/1000, F/22, White Balance, 32k, Super-Resolution, Pro Photo RGB, Half rear Lighting, Backlight, Dramatic Lighting, Incandescent, Soft Lighting, Volumetric, Conte-Jour, Global Illumination, Screen Space Global Illumination, Scattering, Shadows, Rough, Shimmering, Lumen Reflections, Screen Space Reflections, Diffraction Grading, Chromatic Aberration, GB Displacement, Scan Lines, Ambient Occlusion, Anti-Aliasing, FKAA, TXAA, RTX, SSAO, OpenGL-Shader’s, Post Processing, Post-Production, Cell Shading, Tone Mapping, CGI, VFX, SFX, insanely detailed and intricate, hyper maximalist, elegant, dynamic pose, photography, volumetric, ultra-detailed, intricate details, super detailed, ambient --ar 16:9

Profile Bio

This is a great place for your fascinations… You want people to know what the page is all about while peaking interest and provide serious value within your writing.

Quickly say the value proposition.

The text you use on the video are considered “key words”, think of how Instagram uses hashtags.

Take your username.

What words are in there?

How can you SOMEHOW connect it to your bio?

'Hustle' = You did all the work so they don't have to.
'Hustling' = You researched 1000 hours of knowledge to give footballers the best quick tips.

And THINK what results you want your viewers to get form your videos.


A good mindset can result in a lot of different things in life.

- Hard like a solider
- Disciplined like a solider
- Disciplined like a world champion
- Productive like a high achiever
- Having the same mental models as the top 1%

You can use one of MANY of such ideas in your bio as well.

"The mindset that forges you into a high achiever"



Affiliate Link

If you haven't already, you can sign up HERE to get your affiliate link.

Brand Consistency

Do not delete videos
- Put videos to private to preserve brand identity (tiktok)

Day 3 Action Items

Post the below in the FYF Telegram Group:

Linkpage URL
3 chosen emojis
and link to your TikTok so we can see everything

Day 3: Branding

Why You Should Care About Comments

26% of Social Media users love to comment on or share personal TikTok/IG Stories.

Why do people comment on others’ posts?

Many reasons, For example, they want to ask a question, give feedback, share a personal perspective, add to discussions, or interact with a community. Sometimes, they feel so resonated with a story that they want to start a conversation.

Whatever the reasons, the TikTok/IG comments section gives you a huge opportunity to communicate with your followers and discover potential customers.

Here are three main reasons why you should create an Instagram/Tiktok comment strategy:


Comments Reflect Engagement

Think this way: if you’ve uploaded a photo and received 20 comments within only five minutes, you probably have a lot of following on Instagram, or your content is very engaging, right?

The opposite is true as well. If you get a few comments whenever you publish a post despite having a huge following, your engagement rate may be low. In this case, you should probably rethink your Instagram/TikTok comment strategy.

Responding to Comments Help Build Brand Trust

When a customer mentions you on Social Media, a lot of eyes are on you. How you handle that can tell a lot about your social media management and customer service. If you respond to it tactfully, it shows you care about your customers and take control of the situation.

Meanwhile, choosing to shy away and remain silent will lead to people bad-mouthing your brand. And as you might know, words can travel fast.

By providing customer service through Social Media comments, you not only retain existing customers but also win new ones.

TikTok/IG Comments Ideas and Tips

Below are Instagram and TikTok comment ideas and tips you can apply right away. Note that there is no one-size-fits-all answer – every comment and every situation is different. Use the following as a reference to create the right strategy for your business.

Respond to Comments in a Timely Manner

When customers ask a question, they want an answer instantly. This is true, especially if the question is about product availability, price, or credibility.

Aim to respond to Instagram or Tik Tok comments within 24 hours. This way, you can build trust with your followers and leave them a good impression of your business.

Look at the main pages' posts, and you can see we respond to comments within minutes, if not seconds. That's how you promote great engagement.

Using Instagram and TikTok notification filters is a great way to do that. This cool feature allows you to filter through messages for commonly asked questions, like “what is the Way of the Natural?” or “How much is the ETG?”

Speak Like a Human

All social networks is about two-way conversations. But we don’t join Tiktok or IG to talk with bots – we want to share, discuss, and speak with humans. We seek real, genuine connections.

That’s why brands must be human when interacting with followers on Social Media. Speak to them like you’re already in a relationship with them, as if you’re good friends. Avoid using a formal and distant tone. Obviously on posts like the ones we make it's quite a bit of hate involved, still look at them like teammates/friends who are genuinely lost or confused this should help you maintain a certain composure.

Be Funny when it's Warranted

You should take customer seriously, but there are times when you can add a bit of humor to entertain a conversation. According to Hootsuite, “entertaining content is one of the top five reasons people follow particular brands or individuals online.” So don't be too stale when interacting.

Think about when you saw an animated GIF on Tumblr or a funny tweet. You couldn’t help but sharing it with your circle, right? That’s why adding a touch of humor to your Instagram comments can be helpful to connect with your audience instantly.

Make a good joke, and your followers will share it with their followers. Some of those followers will start following you to get more jokes, and your outreach will grow exponentially. More followers, more customers. It’s as simple as that. Don't get frustrated when you get ratio'd the preconceived information we share is not a popular opinion.

Use Relevant Emojis to Make Comments Eye-Catching

Emojis aren’t common in Instagram and TikTok posts, but comments too. More and more brands are responding to their Social Media comments with emojis.

Emojis are friendly, fun, and engaging. They’re great for humanizing your brand and connect with followers quickly.

A worthy note is that before using emojis, ask yourself if it aligns with the tone of your brand. Make sure you understand the meanings of different emojis so you can use them the right way. We use the magnet, water, tiger, cheetah, sun, and lightning bolt emoji a lot.

It’s also important to understand whose comments you’re responding to. Just because you see other followers using emojis doesn’t mean everyone is okay with them. Learn more about your target audience to create an emoji marketing strategy that makes sense for your page.

Be Grateful

A thank-you comment is necessary when someone gives you a compliment or mentions you on Instagram. Something as simple as “Thank you” or “Thanks” or “Glad you like this one” or "appreciate that" is more than fine. If they called out specifics in their comments, try to respond with a similar level of personalization. Show them your appreciation. Reciprocate the energy throughout the comments and it'll pay off.

Another tip is when saying thanks to your followers, try to expand the conversation. If a follower said they were happy with your order, you could ask them why they liked it. Let them know you’re available to support them whenever they need help.

Apologize Sparingly

If a customer reaches out to you with a question or a customer service issue, you must respond to them. You should provide that support.

Here are some helpful tips to handle followers’ complaints on Social Media

  • Keep calm, Don't necessarily apologize
  • Answer their questions accurately and promptly
  • Be specific and helpful about your solution
  • Don’t overpromise unless you’re 100% sure that you can give them what they want

Open or Provide other forms of Communication

If a follower’s question is complicated and requires a wordy answer or needs more time to fix, you ask for their email address in the comments and send the full response through email or refer them to your IG and DM them there.

It’s an opportunity for you to impress your follower with the high level of customer service you provide. Ensure you let the follower know you’ll contact them via their email.

DO NOT Delete/Hide Comments

A lot of people will tell you to ignore or delete negative comments on your Social Media posts. But wait… rethink before you do that.

Of course, dealing with hate or difficult fans is never easy, and it only gets more challenging when both of you don’t understand each other.

Despite that, it isn’t a smart move to delete comments. Why? Because the difficult customers might do the following:

  • Stop engaging with you and spread misinformation
  • Continue speaking negatively about your brand across social media channels
  • Continue commenting negatively on your posts until you block them or remove them from your community

With all that being said, it’s obvious that you should come up with a strategy to handle negative comments, instead of just deleting them.

A good tactic is to reply to those comments or DMs commenters with a specific tactic that works. Then, ask for more information about why they made that statement. Explain you need this information to figure out the best solution for them.

If the person continues to be an issue after you’ve attempted to resolve the matter, try to move the conversation to a private space (like an email) or block them when necessary.

It seems a lot of work, but keep practicing that. It’ll help improve your Page's online presence and make people remember your excellent hater/customer experience.

Comment on other videos or IG Pages

If you just start using Instagram for your business, commenting on other posts is a good idea. Doing that will help you identify your target audience, understand what they need, expand your brand awareness, and drive engagement to your Instagram or TikTok Profile.

You can comment on your followers’ posts, influencers’, or the posts of brands that are relevant to your niche.

If you’re struggling with identifying who you should start interacting with, look at your recent fyp videos, follower engagement, and trending topics within our niche (IE, Fascia, Exercise, Injury, Football). Then, start engaging with them.

How to Manage Instagram Comments Effectively

Have you ever glanced at your (hundreds of) Comment notifications and feel tired of replying to your followers’ comments? You see many comments on some much older posts and don’t know which one to start with. AGRH. You get lost.

If you’re in this situation, the first thing you should do is set a specific time to handle Instagram comments. Give yourself windows of time when you’re pleased to respond to those messages. Doing that can help you remove distractions, maintain concentration, and increase productivity.

BUT: get to all of them. No matter what they are. Get to them. Ask questions. Let them talk.

Day 4 Action Items

Post 5 screenshots to the FYF Telegram Group of how you engaged people in the comments and got them talking.

Day 4: Sales & Engagement


Value Calculator: Value = Dream Outcome * Perceived Success
          Time to Result * Perceived Effort & Sacrifice

Due to the nature of the equation you want to maximize the perceived success and dream outcome and minimize the time as well as perceived effort to come out with the most value.

Remember: Perception has a lot to do with comparison

FOR EXAMPLE: ( $1 Is a lot of money compared to $10,000 while $10,000 compared to $10,000,000 is just a rounding year)

You can do the same thing with the elements in the equation…

Time to result when you say 1 year compared to 25 years sounds like a lot.

Depending on your skills, you can increase those top two elements or decrease those bottom two elements based on what you compare to in the writing.


Value Ladder: Typically you need to have an ascension model where people can invest more and receive more up into the higher echelons of value and money. If you look at most businesses they have a free lead tool (Free Starter Course)…

With a low ticket offer, mid ticket offer, high ticket and increases the lifetime value of their customers. It starts with a very small investment and you get a reciprocal or better than reciprocal response in value, which encourages you to make a bigger and bigger investment. Some people just jump into a higher level of trust and therefore higher level of investment. The ascension will increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Levers of success. Every customer will bring you in an average amount of revenue. And that’s dependent on how well they rise up that value ladder.

  1. Find ways to increase the customers lifetime value they spend by providing them more and more value
  2. Increase the Scale find more ways to reach customers

Bringing in customers, starting their ascent up the value ladder.

This immediately begins at the initial meeting or trade of value and energy (This could be contact details, money, or energy).


Content is the bottom, invest some time, energy, and get some sort of free value.

After that it’s to the free guide, pdf, free video course.

Next level, you invest in another lead magnet, maybe it’s a quiz / questionnaire where they trade their contact information for insight into themselves and entertaining experience.

Explore the customers’ intent a little more and get them to spend time and energy exchanging information. Moving up from that you get people to check in to a live event or webinar, which is investing two hours of your time and is worth it depending on the audience.

Low Ticket Item: TMF, UM, and SMT

Mid Ticket Item: Entangled Tribe

High Ticket Item: WOTN and 1on1

Two main things are going to allow you to ascend people through your ladder:

First, Build upon that initial trust that you’ve established with your current audience. They subscribe to a page or a channel where they are going to continue to get content. The more you increase the amount of value per interaction and stronger the trust builds the better you’ll help them increase up the ladder. This is done better by reshaping their vision of reality and forming a new lifestyle that better helps them achieve that dream state.

THE MOST CRITICAL POINT… Is that moment they make their first transaction, the first time they opt-in, that’s your best chance to really set in the key elements of trust and belief. They have you at the top of their mind after their first purchase, and this is the point where you want to take and capitalize on this moment where you send them up as high as you can, peak excitement.

This can be in the form of a one time offer, any reason to get them to look at the next step.

Day 5 Action Items

Post 5 videos blowing apart "sacred cows" and cause an uproar.
Post your links to the FYF Telegram Group.

Day 5: Creating a World View

Final Comments about using Social Media for sales, funnels, low-high ticket sales, and more. Specifically about the end result of taking a consumer all the way up the value ladder.

Lesson 5(Coming soon)...

Day 6 Action Items

Reach $1,000 in Total Sales!

The aim is to achieve this by Week 4. Get your followers up. Get that link in the bio.

Day 6: CTA and Convert


Business Journey Presentation and Social Media Principles

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