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Barefoot Shoes

The best shoes for elite athleticism. The best shoes for recovery. The best shoes for casual use. The best shoes for walks. The best shoes for having fun. Modern shoes damage foot functionality and cause chronic injury by a narrow toe box, raised heel, and arch support. The more protective your shoes are, the weaker your feet will be.

Bluelight Blocking Glasses

Did you know artificial blue light into the eye can directly lower testosterone, cause fat gain, spike cortisol, and worse tendon performance? Protect your eyes with true blue light blocking glasses.

Red Light Therapy

What kind of light should an athlete use at night for elite recovery and performance? This is it.

Training Gear

Training equipment to help reeducate, awaken, and showcase your athleticism.

Recovery + Nutrition

We don’t recommend many but here are certain “supplements” or items to further your health and performance.


Healthy, safe, and non-toxic technology to amplify your life.