Natural Football Talent Exposed! | Day 30: How Messi became so good

Talent is the most highly valued thing in the football world.

Big clubs pay $70 million without blinking an eye for the next big talent.

And yet 99% of footballers (yes you) are training (exercising, living, recovering, and eating) in a way that does not build talent and usually sabotages it.

And the truth is that talent is developed during childhood. It’s NOT luck.

If you can hack your genetics, recreate the enviromental factors, and unlock your natural athleticism then you can actually RAISE the ceiling on your talent!!

  • Get barefoot outside every day in the sun with the ball and the wall
  • Play small-sided football a few times per week atleast
  • Cross-train 3x/week
  • Get lots of sun on you every day (no sunglasses or sunscreen)
  • Sleep at 10PM every night and wake up around sunrise
  • Eat organic fresh and local real foods (meat, eggs, fish, honey, milk, and fruit)
  • Roll out all fascial adhesions
  • Lubricate and stimulate all your nerves with the Morning Primer
  • Build Glute Dominance with towel retractions, bird on a branch, and lymphatic hops
  • Toss out modern shoes, airpods, supplements, sunglasses, man-made hygiene products, fake friends, and low-quality relationships