Go from a broken, hopeless footballer... to an athletic, confident baller.

Say goodbye to constant injuries, poor performance, and athletic depression

I created Football Entangled to streamline the process of becoming an elite footballer so that you don’t have to waste years of money, resources, and pain like I did.

My knowledge is your success.

Fix old injuries, prevent new injuries, and become pain-free in weeks

Pain is a sign something is wrong. You need to fix the root cause of your pain or else it will keep coming back.

Mainstream therapy is outdated and covers up the symptoms of your pain with band-aid approaches.

Athleticism is something molded through childhood naturally. It is not built in the gym and in fact is destroyed there.

Use our unique Entangled Training System to hack your genetics to become naturally athletic and regain what you were supposed to have developed in childhood.

Unlock true athletic creativity on and off the ball

Use our Maximal Intent Principle to recreate the flow state that built the best players on the streets of the favelas. Toss out the cone drills and Beware the Trainers.

Have a football career worth talking about before it’s gone


worth talking about

Create a strong purpose that drives your football career to the highest heights

Modern mental health issues are easily fixed and at the same time, instill that confidence and swagger of an elite footballer into yourself.

Recover like a superhuman with our science-backed mito-hacking methods designed to use Nature to level up your health permanently

Most people unknowingly sabotage their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing all hours of the day. We show you how to live in the best and most fun way possible that makes you a better footballer and better man/woman at the same time.

The Tree

Build world-class talent by reverse-engineering natural ability.

We’ve created the one and only Blueprint to guide footballers on their journey to success in their career, which we call The Tree.

Learn more about The Tree

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Footballers Working with Nature

Choose a pricing plan

Our Premium Plan costs about 2%* of your first professional contract and you can save half the time to get there and make sure you stay there.

*We estimate the average rookie contract is $50,000 per year

Football is a universal language.
All nationalities & currencies accepted.

Dr. Caroline Werkmeister,
former Hamburg SV Team-Doctor & Board
Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Specialized on the Foot

"I have dealt with Taylor's approach to the functionality of the foot in a well-founded and initially very critical manner. I was surprised to find that from a scientific and sports medicine point of view, the exercises represent pretty much exactly the current state of studies on the relationship between foot functionality and performance in sprinting and jumping, as well as the latest findings from fascia research.I have to admit, I was extraordinarily amazed at how close Taylor is here through experience and observation to what we do in modern sports medicine and functional foot therapy. Great work, keep it up!"

Stephen Callis, Football Entangled UK

"Where the entanglement of nature meets holistic integration for Footballers. The only place where you get to EXPRESS that player you know is on the inside 👣 ⚽️"

Karlee Owens, Inner Athlete Fitness

"As a movement coach, it’s so great to connect and witness Football Entangled bringing movement awareness and empowerment to futbol players worldwide. Taylor’s dedication, passion, knowledge of injury prevention and rehabilitation, combined with his genuine care for athlete’s well-being, keeps performance and confidence high, on and off the field."


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What is Football Entangled?

The key to unlock your limitless footballing potential 🗝️

This is a football revolution. This is the football red pill. This is your power in a broken football world. The antidote to injuries, pain, poor performance, and anything holding you back from your highest potential. This a platform to provide you the freedom to achieve your dreams without restraint.

This is where you look beyond the glitz and glamour of the no pain no gain, sleep when you die mindset and actually take a look in the mirror and ask:

  • How are world class players made?
  • Why does everyone talk about hard work, if obviously the most talented players rise to the top and are paid the most money?
  • Are injuries really just bad luck or is there a cause?

Better questions lead to better answers…

Why Football Entangled?

In a league of our own 🧬

My story is similar to likely anyone reading this message. I just wanted to be the best. I wanted to be a top footballer. Despite my best efforts, injury, pain, and supposed ill-fortune held me back. I overcame those setbacks and now I aim to help others avoid my mistakes.

  • Where others offer surgery, sympathies, and sorry excuses, we offer solutions.
  • Where others say you’ll have pain and limitations, we offer effortless athleticism.
  • Where others say you might not be the same as before, we say you’ll be better than before.
  • Where others say you’re just getting old or aren’t talented, we offer transformation regardless of age.

The human body is an incredible being and can heal anything. Don’t let supposed fear-based experts box you into self-limiting beliefs and relegate yourself to a career short and under lived. The precision of nature beats the clumsy attempts of human every time…

How does Football Entangled help you?

True Transformation 🐎

By reverse-engineering the world’s elite using Nature’s blueprint, we can understand the root cause of elite performance, health, and longevity. This culminates in dispelling the myth of “talent” through a process we call Working With Nature. Equipped with a unique variety of physical training, lifestyle, mental/emotional, and nutritional practices we are able to learn the Way of the Natural and become built different like the best of the best.

Who do we serve?

You the Individual 🧙

  • The aspiring footballer create talent from within.
  • The academy player elevate to the first team.
  • The current pro transform their athleticism.
  • The injury-prone pro become bulletproof.
  • The veteran pro play well into their 30s or even 40s.
What is the vision?

Omnipotence 👑

World class talent, effortless athleticism, and elite physique is your birthright. The keys to unlock your true potential are here. The rest is up to you.

Shrug off the sympathies of mainstream excuses. Everyone has the building blocks inside of them. It’s just a matter of unlocking it. You deserve the best, if you’re willing to take it…

The Football Truth Mission

One player at a time 🏃

Give ten thousand footballers the tools to achieve their footballing dreams and become elite professional players.

TheWayoftheNatural is an ambitious project designed to show you how all injury can be prevented, both non-contact and contact, effortless athleticism can be built, and optimal physique can be achieved.

No player should have to settle for chronic injury, dysfunctional athleticism, or poor body composition. You can create talent

  • The Entangled Footballer
Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can easily cancel your subscription from your profile page with a click of a button.

What is your refund policy?

As we do offer proprietary services in the form of digital products, it is very difficult to offer ethical refunds. We will do our best to satisfy your needs in whatever way possible.

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