Submit L1 Items

Submit Your L1 Items

Taylor Davidson
The Entangled Footballer

L1 Action Items

Action Items

Your first actions after joining Level 1:

Upload your Audition Training Video for us to benchmark where are starting from, and within your first week here, we’ll expect you to upload a video of each exercise from Level I.

You can skip this if you are currently injured.

Post a video of your feet - This is where recommendation for toe spacers would come in and to benchmark fascially molding. Do a scan of your foot to show what is going on starting from the positions pictured below. Foot at 90 degrees.

Perform a Adhesion Diagnostic

Go through each muscle group of the lower body and look for adhesions (by putting your body weight on the spike ball or tennis ball).

Count the number of adhesions as well as the level of tenderness (1-10) for each spot in each muscle group and record like below.

Please include:

  • height, weight, age, position, current level, and any injury history.
  • Front and back photos to know where we are starting from.
  • List out the primary sensations you feel while running, shooting, and passing.
How to Upload Videos:

In order to upload videos into the form you must complete the following:

1: Go YouTube and Tap the plus + sign located on the bottom of your screen.

2: Tap upload video

3: Select your video

4: Press next on the top right of your screen

5: Then when uploading your video make sure you change the “Public” label to “Unlisted”.

6: Then you simply copy the link to the video after uploading it and paste it into the form below.

You will be tagged in the L1 Locker Room by Brian Lopez with an official video review of your action items and steps to take to improve!

L1 Action Items Form

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Graduation Criteria

L1 Graduation Criteria

In order to be considered for graduation from Level 1, the below receipts must be uploaded:

  • Your Audition Video
  • 3 minute video of towel retractions with no calf burning
  • 3 minute video of Standing on Water with no calf burning
  • Fascial Adhesion Chart
  • Front and Back full body photos (wearing shorts)
  • Pictures of the Feet

Brian Lopez will tag you in the L1 Locker Room with a review on your Graduation Application.

You will hear back in 24-48 hours. Rest in the meantime.

L1 Graduation Form

Max file size 10MB. Please upload in PNG or JPEG.
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