Maximal Intent

Push past the imaginary boundaries we all unknowingly lock ourselves in.

Taylor Davidson
The Entangled Footballer

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Maximal Intent

Push past the imaginary boundaries we all unknowingly lock ourselves in. You are capable of more, but only if you allow yourself to believe it.

The Audition Explanation and Video

The Audition is solo maximal intent to goal. This is where you benchmark your ability to do the most valuable thing in football: dribble and score.

This is a test that will be used throughout Entangled Athletics to record and illustrate your progress as a footballer regardless if you are a forward, midfielder, or defender. Goalkeepers will have a different test.

The key is to push yourself to the point of mistakes, but not too fast that you mess up too much and not too slow either where it is too easy. You find that sweet spot of difficulty and build up. Your video only needs to be 1-2 minutes.


Find a wall and stand a decent distance back (you'll need to experiment with the distance to find something challenging but achievable) and spend 30 seconds smashing the ball as hard as you can at the wall on a specific spot. Catch and kick again. The difficulty is determined by how hard you kick the ball and how close you stand to the wall.Video from behind you.

Entangled Athletics Football Training

What you’ll see below are fascia-based football exercises. Use this in boots or barefoot. I like doing both. Aim for holistic sensations (glutes/abs).

Exercise #1 Goalpost

Exercise #2 Infiniti Ball Drag

Exercise #3 Juggling

Exercise #4 Volley Smashes

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