Peak Harmony Training

Training that gets you actual results on the pitch.

Taylor Davidson
The Entangled Footballer

Submit training videos for feedback and accountability in the Intro to Peak Harmony Training Locker Room.

Exercise #1: Building the Midline

5 minutes per day. You can do more. Go off sensation.

You can roll up a towel very tight and use that instead of a plyo ball if plyo ball is too hard.

You can also try a mini football but the plyo ball is best.

Link to Sample Plyo Ball

Exercise #2: Banded Neck work

4 Positions:

  • Top of the Skull
  • Base of the Skull
  • Lower Neck
  • Mouth

Aim for at least 3 minutes in each position. Fine to take breaks if you get tired.

Link for Looped Band

Exercise #3: Learning to Retract the Toes

Bird on a Branch - 3 Minutes 1x/day 5x/week

Exercise #4: Tongue Functionality

Normal Tongue Posture

Tongue Mudra

The Swallow, Suction, and Suckling

Exercise #5: Learning to Puff the Chest

Towel Retractions 3 minutes 1x/day 5x/week

Hand Hold 3 minutes 1x/day 5x/week

Wall Hops (Single Hand 1 minute each & Double Hand 2 minute) 1x/day 5x/week

Exercise #6: Learning to Create Air

Areas covered:

  • Soft Palate Rising and Nose Flare
  • The Hands
  • The Arch
  • The Knee
  • The Groins
  • The Armpits
  • The Wings

Exercise #7: Building the Tree

Many exercises for you to play with.

Start with stationary and build up to dynamic.

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