10 Week Accelerator

Kick Start your Entangled Journey

Taylor Davidson
The Entangled Footballer

Week 1

Your Homework is due this Friday in the Peak Harmony Training (PHT) L1 Locker Room! Get to it!

Week 2

Homework: Upload L1 Action Items by (If you haven't already).

Week 3

Homework: DM me your 3 custom-built affirmations by Friday


Week 4

Homework: Upload SPIRAL Exercises for Bernardo to review by Friday in the SPIRAL DYNAMICS L1 Locker Room

Week 5

HW: Upload Fascial Adhesion Diagnostic by Friday (If you haven't already in L1)

Week 6

HW: Reupload L1 Training Videos and Audition Video by Friday

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

We've made it. You haven't passed into L2 yet, keep up the work and reapply in a few weeks.

Week 10

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